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Pocket Pulse Remote: I’ll put that in my pocket!

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A little while ago I got to play with the Pulse III Solo from Hot Octopuss. This time I get to have a play with the 'Pocket Pulse' (with remote). As the title of my review gives away, I do like this little fella, however, don't try and put it in your pocket boys n

Choosing Your First Sex Toy, A Couples Guide

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Ok, so you’ve decided to purchase your first sex toy as a couple. Awesome, welcome to a whole world of fun! Now, where do you begin in making your purchase? Before you start browsing there are a few little hints and tips you need for making an informed decision.

Substitution frenzy

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He does it for me I'm still in the grip of substitution frenzy. Lying here in a tangled mess of duvet, sweat, discarded clothing and sex toys; my heart is still beating frantically and a microsecond behind, my clit throbs in almost-unison. Behind my eyelids I can still see the images burned onto my retinas,

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Introducing Sex Toys to Foreplay a Couples Guide

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I have to admit I am uncomfortable with the word foreplay. This is because it makes it sound as if everything you do before a certain point is ‘warm up’, leading to a main event. The main event being penetration. However, the aspects of sex that most people think of as ‘just’ foreplay, are actually

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Fifty Shades Dirtier, The Sex Toys Behind the Movie

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On Friday, I sat in the cinema surrounded by giggling groups of women my notebook open on my lap, as I watched the latest instalment in the Fifty Shades series, Fifty Shades Darker. There are parts that were fun to watch, and parts that were awkward sat in a cinema full of people but overall was

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