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Kink Collection Silicone Quad Whip With Dildo Handle: Review

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The Quad comes in a lovely retail display box When asked if I would be willing to review BDSM impact play toys I usually just adopt "the position". I love floggers, whips and paddles. I relish the feeling of them striking my behind or in fact using them myself on my submissive sub'r'.

Event Report: Kinkfest 2018

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When I saw Kinkfest being promoted on Twitter, I had to get tickets right then and there. A fun educational event about kink, with workshops, a play party and munches? TAKE MY MONEY! This was Kinkfest's 5th year and apparently the best yet. It was my first ever attendance so I can't say what has

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Rose – Kinky Poetic Prose

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I'm not quite sure whether this is prosaic poetry or poetic prose, but it sums up my kink pretty neatly. Stroke open my petals, strip me of my leaves. Stake me out stem by stem, tie me with twine and wire; train me and restrain me. I am rooted in your desire, I blossom only

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Experience: Visiting a Sex Club by DivaFoof

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Some years ago, I was an adventurous girl, I had different partners on a no strings attached basis (FB) and was happily arranging to meet for sex and that would be all, but I was always fussy.  I’ve slept with less than 20 people but I say that’s because I found good ones and kept

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Fifty Shades of Grey Bondage Babies are Coming Soon

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40 Weeks on from Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie, and Maternity Wards are expected to be busy with all leave cancelled for Midwives as the Bondage Babies arrive. It's now been nine months since Fifty Shades of Grey the movie hit the big screens in February 2015 and of course that means, that like

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