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Our reviews section is absolutely bursting at the seams with in depth product reviews of adult sex toys and products of all types, from Dildos and Vibrators to Condoms & Lubes, through clothing, sexual enhancement products, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

All our reviews are written by real people who take the product in exchange for writing the review for our site, and whilst we may do a little editing to make the review fit in with the style of our site the review content will always remain unedited, good or bad our reviews are real and are the real thoughts and comments of the actual product reviewer.

On occasion our staff will also contribute a review or two, this is usually because they have a particular interest in the product in question and want to try one out, and in exchange we ask them to write a review for us, again these reviews are unbiased and independent, we would never ask anyone to skew a review, everything gets published here, the good the bad, and the ugly.

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Royal Jelly Lubricant: A Royal feel?

By |2018-08-07T11:11:15+00:00August 7th, 2018|Categories: Blogger Network, Condom & Lube Reviews, Hot Octopuss|Tags: , , |

As a gay man being presented with 'Royal Jelly' really did appeal to the inner princess. I, therefore, have high hopes for this lube as this particular princess has royal standards! Just as the princess noticed the pea will this princess notice anything in this lube? Lets see! Ingredients: This is a water-based lubricant rather

Review: Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer Balm

By |2018-08-07T12:36:40+00:00August 2nd, 2018|Categories: For The Girls, Reviews|Tags: |

One of the best freebies I got at this year's Eroticon was a little sachet of Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Clit Stimulating Balm (which took me a puzzlingly long while to get around to trying out - so much wanking to be done, so little time!). I've given it a thorough testing now though, and have

Nu-Sensuelle Bentlii Dual Motor Waterproof Vibrator Review

By |2018-07-27T15:20:29+00:00July 27th, 2018|Categories: For The Girls, Nu-Sensuelle, Vibrator Reviews|Tags: , , , , , , |

I love the power and performance of this vibrator I love it when a sex toy name makes me giggle and smile. You can, of course, bet your sweet ass that I was laughing when I was asked me to review the Nu Sensuelle Bentlii Vibrator for Latex, Leather & Lace. My mind immediately pictures

Play with Me, Naughty Candy Heart ‘Do Me Now’ Silicone Butt Plug Review

By |2018-07-23T12:49:35+00:00July 22nd, 2018|Categories: Anal Toy Reviews, For The Boys, For The Girls|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

I'm a 90's baby,  and so Love Hearts were the shiz when I was growing up - I still love them now. I just had one them fun-size packets the other day.  So to see this butt plug adorning the shelves of Latex Leather and Lace got me very excited, in both senses of the

Pjur Power Premium Cream Lubricant Review

By |2018-07-21T19:48:25+00:00July 21st, 2018|Categories: Condom & Lube Reviews, For The Boys, For The Girls, Pjur Lubes|Tags: , , , , |

As I asked Patrick for this lube, he said to me, but you won't use this it's got Glycerin in it?  That's where he was wrong. I do use lube with Glycerin in it for anal.  I'd had experience of this lube before and really enjoyed its thickness and the type of pot it came

Sola Sync Rechargeable Magic Wand Massager with Remote Control Review

By |2018-07-20T21:33:14+00:00July 20th, 2018|Categories: For The Boys, For The Girls, Sola, Vibrator Reviews|Tags: , , , , , |

Watch out Doxy, you've got competition hot on your tails!   Okay, so it's not a Doxy, but by god, it's a powerful non-plugged wand and with a remote to boot. You should feel seriously spoilt with this Sola Sync Wand. One of the things about Meet Sola products is their presentation of their items -

Pocket Pulse Remote: I’ll put that in my pocket!

By |2018-07-20T15:38:31+00:00July 20th, 2018|Categories: For The Boys, Hot Octopuss, Vibrator Reviews|Tags: , , |

A little while ago I got to play with the Pulse III Solo from Hot Octopuss. This time I get to have a play with the 'Pocket Pulse' (with remote). As the title of my review gives away, I do like this little fella, however, don't try and put it in your pocket boys n

Nu Sensuelle Giselle Rabbit Vibrator Review

By |2018-07-05T20:32:06+00:00July 5th, 2018|Categories: For The Girls, Nu-Sensuelle, Vibrator Reviews|Tags: , |

The Giselle is not your normal run of the mill rabbit vibe A post-orgasmic glow is a beautiful thing, and I am currently sat here enjoying that feeling as I type this. I just had to try the Giselle out just one last time before putting my thoughts down in this review. I was sent

Oscuro Black and Red BDSM implements range Comparison Review

By |2018-06-29T19:30:24+00:00June 27th, 2018|Categories: Bondage Gear Reviews, For The Boys, For The Girls, Oscuro Leather|Tags: , , , , , , |

Spank me once, call me daft but use several instruments and call me happy.... For a long time, I've been lusting after a full set of the Oscuro BDSM black and red leather implements range.  A while back, I got the opportunity to review the Two Finger Devils Tail Leather Tawse and it's been hung