Mens Faux Leather Thong: Size Large

So in a break from my current run of wet look latex items, I thought I’d take a look at some Faux Leather (I also happen to be looking at Faux Leather furniture…).

For those that have never heard of the term ‘faux leather,’ it is basically fake leather. Genuine leather is made from animal hides, such as cattle, buffalo or oxen. Faux leather is made from a plastic base and then is treated with wax, dye or polyurethane to create the colour and texture. You don’t get that same soft feeling and smell with Faux leather as you do with real leather.

In kink terms its good to bear that in mind as for some of us with a taste for leather, it isn’t just the look it’s the feel and the smell. Faux leather can achieve the look but will always be missing that feel and smell real leather gives you.


My pair was a size Large (about a 36-inch waist) and if you’ve never seen a thong before, put simply the faux leather pouch is at the front for your bits then you have a faux leather waistband and band that runs along your butt crack. What makes a jock different from a thong is that a jock wraps around the butt but a thong cuts through your butt cheeks and around to the pouch at the front. If you’ve not worn one before it can be an interesting experience.

The faux leather pouch as a band running from top to bottom over it with a couple of metal hoops added for decoration (or functional purpose for attaching things to, use your imagination). I could take or leave that element of decoration personally. The leather pouch looks good with or without it, but it isn’t a major distraction.

The waistband leading away from the front pouch round to the back is elasticated around the outside and, unlike some other thongs, not too thin therefore it doesn’t cut into your side. The band for the butt, however, is thin so be aware (as outlined above).

The thong sat well for a Large and my waist size. I would put it in the category of snug more than loose fitting and is designed to be very minimalistic so very little of you is covered.


As I’ve already mentioned, Faux Leather simply won’t give you the same feel and thrill that real leather does. But it does give you the same look. Looks wise therefore this is a good leather looking thong. Feel wise, it doesn’t sit quite as well as real leather and can feel a bit tough against the skin.

I’m not sure about the elastication around the outside of the front pouch and waistbands. It did feel, a bit nappyish (and yes I know that the butt is missing so it can’t be a nappy). But the way it grabs you and wraps around your groin was interesting. I can see the benefit, especially if you’re a little larger in life, then having such a clutch would come in handy to keep the thong in place and wrapped around everything.

The Footse (Final) Score:

Overall I’d give these a 7/10. The Faux Leather looks good and feels OK in texture for faux leather. The design of the pouch with the banding and ring could be taken or left and they sit well for a size L. If you’re looking to get into leather and want to start somewhere, especially if you want to get the leather look, then these are for you. Thongs are a niche so again, if you don’t want a jock or want a thong to complement your range of jocks then this would meet your need well. But be under no illusion, I wouldn’t say it was the star of the collection.

You can buy men’s thongs in leather and wet look latex online for around £20.

NB: Apologies but due to the nature of the item there are no photos of the thong on Jason but you can have a look at photos of like for like items on the Latex Leather and Lace website. Thanks.